JAPANICLE.com is a multilingual website designed to help people around the world who are interested in Japan learn more about it.

With a team of editors and curators with different areas of expertise, this site provides reliable information about Japan in a variety of genres, including tourism, nature, lifestyle, culture, and history.

Japan has many famous sightseeing spots. There are also many world heritage sites. However, there are still many attractions that are not well known.

The editorial department of JAPANICLE.com collects and researches information about Japan from various perspectives on a daily basis. We carefully select and publish information about Japan that is interesting and useful for those who are thinking of visiting Japan.

  • Website: JAPANICLE.com
  • Operated by: JAPANICLE.com editorial department
  • Operated by: Various locations in Japan
  • Chief editor: Koji Hirata (moribito works)
  • Administrator: Takumi Watanabe (JAPANICLE & Co.)
  • Contact: Please use the contact form below.

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Hirata, the editor-in-chief of this website, is a former reporter for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (NIKKEI), the world’s largest economic newspaper. He lives in Tokyo with his family. He has a wife and two sons. He is an ordinary Japanese man who wants his family to be happy.

He worked as a staff writer for NIKKEI for 31 years. During that time, he covered many places in Japan and wrote many articles. At the Tokyo headquarters, he worked as an editor in the culture-related and lifestyle-related topics departments.

He was an experienced editor-in-chief and was responsible for visual media about Japan. He loves adventure. He loves to try new things. That’s why he left NIKKEI and switched to a venture firm in Shibuya, Tokyo, to gain new experience as a web writer.

He then took advantage of his wealth of experience to become the editor-in-chief of JAPANICLE.com. Together with him, all the members of the JAPANICLE.com editorial team will spend a lot of time to improve the quality of information on this site.

Our goal is to create a site that is useful to you, the reader. Just as every country in the world has its own unique culture, Japan has its own unique lifestyle, its own unique culture and sense of beauty.

This site is still a work in progress. Our goal is to become a web magazine that shares Japan’s charm and sense of beauty with the world, so if there is anything you want to know about Japan, please contact us. If you have any questions about Japan, please contact us. We would like to share the results with you and build a peaceful relationship.

We know that people all over the world are working hard every day to provide for their families. We are a little worried that people will work so hard that they will forget to take time for themselves.

If you are mentally and physically tired, please come to Japan and refresh your body and soul. If this site can help you achieve that, we will be very happy.


Thank you for reading to the end.


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